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inferno fiction 9

by David Hankinson
The TARDIS arrives on Ashralis but nothing is as it seems when the Doctor and Jamie stumble upon a deadly deal with the Sontarans...

by Ian McPherson
A true account of an attempted invasion by aliens to our planet told through the compliation of various eye-witness accounts...involving the Doctor...

by Colin John
PART ONE: Following an attack of some kind to the Doctor's mind, and with Ace in tow, the TARDIS heads for Earth of 1989 where someone is waiting for their arrival...

by Darren Field
The Doctor is called upon to help heal Time...but if the Guardians can not stop the destruction of the Universe, then how can he?

by Michael Stevens
The Doctor is haunted by voices from the past...
and they're not aliens but his companions...

by Nathan Mullins
PART ONE: The Doctor, Amy and Rory meet a young child on the planet Voga, following an invasion by Cybermen!

issue ten